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In ancient times they say this land was ruled by giants. Two powerful warring tribes that fought until the land was soaked in blood. It was then that the armies of the fairy queens consort took action. For he saw in this world a chance to give his people a new home. Yet when he finally brought some semblance of order to the world his armies were to weak to claim this land for their own, and so it lay dormant for years until the elfin peoples moved in. They stayed this way for years and years until civil war finally struck there land. The only recourse was to hire human tribes as mercenaries to fight in the battles against their outcast foes now known as orcs. In exchange they have permitted the humans to live in their lands as vassals and have even bred with a few. The orcs are still there off in the deep south lands eking out a minor existence in the swamps. As are remnants of the of the giants tribes far to the north where they fight with the last remaining dragons for the few pieces of land that can be parceled out for living. On islands where the cold reigns through much of the year.

The elf Royalty

The dwarf Vassal state

The human Commoners

The half elf Nobility

The halfling Vagabonds

The Orc Barbaric descendants of exiled elves

The half orc abominations

The Gnome Freed ex-Slaves

Main Page

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